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Meet the Characters in Winds of Wyoming

November 28, 2012 by Pat Dyer

Highly entertaining with a thread of romance and plenty of suspense, Winds of Wyoming is a must-read.The interesting, well-developed characters, especially Kate, will steal your heart and leave you salivating for more Kate Neilson stories. Rebecca Lyles has created a great debut novel that you’ll not soon forget.

There are too many intriguing characters to list them all, so meet the major players in this story:

Kate Neilson has a past, one she’d like to forget. Although she’s in Wyoming, many miles away from her home state of Pennsylvania, an ugly part of her past has followed her there, threatens to haunt her and ruin her chances of realizing her dreams.

Dymple-with a y-Louise Forbes is undoubtedly my favorite character. Spunky and full of grit, the tiny old lady befriends Kate early on, and demonstrates her testimony of faith through her actions.

Mike Duncan, son of Laura Duncan, owner of the Whispering Pines Guest Ranch, helps keep the family business alive and prospering after the passing of his father. Mike seems to take a fancy to the new girl on the ranch, but not without opposition from his long-time friend and the woman who pursues him.

Laura Duncan (“Mrs. D.”) is a brave and determined woman of faith. She struggles against outside influences to retain what rightfully belongs to her and her family and manage her business without interference from certain neighbors.

Clint Barrett, handsome ranch foreman and Mike’s best friend has eyes for Kate. How will he respond when he realizes Mike has also taken a shine to her?

Tara Hughes, self-proclaimed fiancé of Mike, won’t allow anyone to interfere with her dream—marriage to Mike Duncan and acquisition of Whispering Pines. To what lengths will she go to accomplish her goals?

Jerry Ramsey is the compulsive, violent man who is bent on having Kate Neilson all to himself—with or without her consent.  To what depths will he stoop to get her?

Manuel Ortega is a teen who works at the ranch. Was it because he’d been sent to reform school that people shunned him, or was it because he was he’s Hispanic? What was it that Kate sensed about him that caused her to trust him?

Cyrus Moore is Whispering Pines’ dining hall manager and a twenty-three veteran of the ranch. Was it just his personality that caused him to grouse at Kate, or was there something more?

You can purchase your copy of Winds of Wyoming from your local book retailer, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, or another online bookstore.

Thanks, Pat, for your kind post! You described my characters better than I could!


My delightful friend and amazing, prolific mystery writer Donna Fletcher Crow invited me to participate in the “Next Big Thing!” blog-tag. What a fun idea! Donna’s next big thing is the upcoming release of a new book in her Lord Danvers Victorian True-Crime series titled “A Tincture of Murder.” Love that title! Read all about “Tincture” on Donna’s website: http://www.donnafletchercrow.com/articles.

My next big thing story is titled “Winds of Freedom” and is the sequel to my debut novel, “Winds of Wyoming.” As many of you know, the first “Winds” recounts Kate Neilson’s ventures following her release from prison. “Winds” #2 focuses on her new marriage to Mike Duncan, her desire for a family to call her own, and her struggle to encourage and assist her loved ones.

Those loved ones include her husband, Mike, who with other ranchers is baffled by mysterious happenings in the area; her best friend, Amy, who disappears without warning; her widowed mother-in-law, Laura, who’s courted by a neighbor rancher with ulterior motives; and her Aunt Mary, whose nose-dive into Alzheimer’s is sometimes humorous and sometimes sad. Favorite characters from “Winds of Wyoming,” like senior citizens Dymple Forbes and Cyrus Moore and the Whispering Pines’ handsome foreman, Clint Barrett, join the fun and drama in “Winds of Freedom.”

For those not familiar with Kate Neilson novels, I describe the series as Contemporary Christian Romance Set in the West and Salted with Suspense. The publisher, StoneHouse, is planning a Spring 2013 release date for “Winds of Freedom.” Stay tuned!

Check out other great fiction authors with new projects in the works:

Lisa Buffaloe — http://lisabuffaloe.blogspot.com/

Lisa is an author, speaker, and radio host for Living Joyfully Free Radio, as well as a happily married mom of a son in college. Her recent releases include Nadia’s Hope, Prodigal Nights and Grace for the Char-Baked, all available on Amazon.

Casey Heatherington — http://enjoyingthewritingcraft.blogspot.com/

Casey is a book reviewer who describes herself as a follower of Christ, daughter, sister, aspiring author, jewelry designer, avid reader, nerdy knitter, and general all around farm girl. She’s also a 2011 MBT Frasier Finalist and ACFW 2012 Genesis Semi-Finalist.

Ray Ellis — http://authorray.blogspot.com/

Ray is a law-enforcement officer and trainer plus serves as an associate minister in his church. His gritty Christian crime fiction mysteries include Notorious and DRT–Dead Right There. His short story titled “I” is available on Amazon.

My sweet friend and wonderful author, Donna Crow, has a new book coming out in her Lord Danvers Victorian True-Crime series. You can read all about A Tincture of Murder at http://donnafletchercrow.com/articles.php?id=147Image.

I was interviewed for Examiner.com while at the Avondale Writers Conference in Arizona, something that doesn’t happen every day (at least to me!).


Was fun to be back in Arizona (perfect 84-degree weather); plus, I had a great time presenting the workshop to a terrific bunch of local writers. Loved their comments and feedback!


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