Hard Facts of Writing

Posted on: November 22, 2011

Saw this quote in a recent Writer’s Digest: “No matter how good you may think your verbiage is, cut it out if it doesn’t advance the plot and build up the climax.” Laurence D’Orsay (Writer’s Digest, 1929)

1929 was a long time ago, but Mr. D’Orsay’s words are still true. In fact, I believe his advice is even more valuable in this day of action-filled books and movies. I’ve experienced the pain of cutting my best writing from stories because that’s all it was, great writing (in my humble opinion, ha) that did nothing to “advance the plot” and “build up the climax.”

Despite all the cutting of beautiful and not-so-beautiful words, my novel “Winds of Wyoming” finally found its way to the publisher last weekend. Should be available in eBook format in time for Christmas shopping!


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